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NOTE- This project is currently on hiatus. We hope to regroup and relaunch if our child care programs are still around after COVID. For now, we are continuing to collect & post content on the Facebook & Twitter pages.

ChildCareAdvocacy.Org was founded by child care providers with a conviction that, as providers, we do great things for the children and families in our communities. Providing child care entails a great deal of commitment and sacrifice. However, that commitment is often taken advantage of by our society. Child care providers need to unite around solutions that ensure their work and contributions to our world are appropriately valued so that quality people continue to be drawn to, and be rewarded by, this important profession. As we work towards this goal, sharing our experiences unites us and makes us stronger.

Our primary purpose is to empower providers so that, as the ones in the trenches actually doing the work, our concerns and ideas are given more weight in achieving the shared goals of ensuring that every parent can afford the child care they need, that children are in quality, stimulating environments, and that providers make professional wages that can sustain healthy, growing child care businesses. In addition to providers, which includes anyone who works to regularly care for children, we invite child care advocates, government and education leaders, elected officials, parents and anyone else interested in learning more about child care policy from a real world, child care provider perspective to participate in all that CCA.Org offers. We are stronger when we all work together.


Shaun is the President of Rock Spring Children’s Center, a nonprofit, play based, year round, child care for infants through preschoolers. Shaun is a former litigator who has also worked in politics and the education field. He taught elementary and middle school for 3 years, and has a Masters Degree in Elementary Education as well as a law degree.

He has been an integral part of several local political campaigns at the state & federal levels. As a parent of two children at Rock Spring Children’s Center, Shaun took on the role of School President and oversaw the construction of a new home for the school, helping it become one of the best and most sought after child care and preschool programs in the area. He served on the Montgomery County Commission on Child Care, advising the County Council and County Executive, from 2010-2016; as a board member and Advocacy Chair of the Montgomery County Organization of Child Care Directors (OCCD) from 2016-2018; as the co-founder and chair of the Montgomery County Chapter of the Maryland State Child Care Association (MSCCA) from 2016-2018, and as the MSCCA 1st Vice-President from 2017-2018.

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